Скороговорки / Tongue twisters

Для отработки звуков были придуманы скороговорки (tongue-twisters). Здесь вы найдете некоторые из них; надеюсь, они помогут вам научиться правильно произносить соответствующие звуки:


Mother, Father, sister, brother

Hand in hand with one another.


A back cat sat on a mat

And ate a fat rat.

Sam had a hat

Sam has a black hat

Sam has a black hat in his hand.

If you, Andy, have two candies,

Give one candy to Sandy, Andy.

If you, Sandy, have two candies,

Give one candy to Andy, Sandy.

Can you can a can as a canner can can a can?


It’s a pity that Miss Kitty

Doesn’t live in one city.

Silly Billy, Silly Billy.

Why is Billy silly?

Silly Billy hid a shilling.

Isn’t Billy silly?


A hurly-burly curly girl learns the verse

Word by word early with her nurse.


Jim’s shout is loud and proud

Because he found a pound on the ground.


Oh, no! Not so!

Don’t go home alone!


I dare swear there’s a hare and a bear over there.


Peter Piper picked a pack of pickled pepper.

A peck of pickled pepper Peter Piper picked.

If Peter Piper picked a pack of pickled pepper,

Where’s the peck of pickled pepper Peter Piper picked?


Betsy bought a bit of butter.

But Betsy found the butter bitter.

So Betsy bought a bit of better butter

To make the bitter butter better.


She sells sea-shells on the sea-shore.

On the sea-shore she sells sea-shells.

The shells she sells are the sea-shore shells.


Think, think, think!

Think when reading!

Think when writing!

Think when speaking!

Think, think, think!


A gentle judge judges justly.


Helen Hey has a huge house on a high hill.


Why do you cry, Willy?

Why do you cry?

Why, Willy? Why, Willy? Why, Willy? Why?


Whether the weather be fine

Or whether the weather be not,

Whether the weather be cold

Or whether the weather be hot,

We’ll weather the weather

Whatever the weather

Whether we like it or not.


If two witches were watching two watches,

Which witch would watch which watch?


Robert Rowley rolled a round roll around.

A round roll around Robert Rowley rolled.

If Robert Rowley rolled a round roll around,

Where’s the round roll around Robert Rowley rolled?